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Lisa x
Bobo Bun

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Making a Market

Months in the planning and over in the blink of an eye. Saturday's Pick 'n' Mix saw a wondrous collection of makers all gathered together to set out their wares under boughs of bunting.

Mr Alfie Blue (Pug of exceptional talent) was part of the welcoming group. He was thrilled when a posse of female Pugs arrived to peruse the stalls.

Sara of Wildwood brought her exquisite linen fairies. The more elegant sat to chat and comment on all who passed by.

Whilst the smaller fairies waved in delight.
New and wonderful creatures came with Sasha. An extremely well mannered bunch of gnomes sat patiently waiting to go to new homes. I'm told they will soon be having baby gnomes.

Lucky Black cats stared, hypnotising all who saw them with their velveteen charm.

They were joined by a basket of mostly well behaved miniature dogs.

Away from all the chatter of the little creatures visitors found Cathy's colourful and original ceramic work.

Ros and Ed of Stabo brought their ecclectic mix of leather accessories and t-shirts.

Knitwear designer and yarn supplier Fiona of High Fibre joined us once again. 

As the maker behind Bobo Bun and the event organiser, once I had set out my crochet and knitted accessories I had to rush here and there making sure all was running smoothly. 

Beside me was Ruth, the owner of Glory Days. She brought a selection of her own work and the makers who sell through her store. Sadly Daniella of Acorn & Will was unable to come due to illness. A quick 6am phone call meant that Ruth could bring some of her makes so that she was there in spirit.

On my other side was the talented silversmith Emma. The attention to detail in her work is what makes a piece of jewellry by Emma so desirable.

New to the mix was Suzanne of Heart of Glass. She was as vibrant as her stunning stained glass pieces.

Another new recruit was Trishe Darling. The hats and fascinators are designed by Trishe and modelled and promoted by her daughter Zoe. Zoe wore a fabulous selection of hats throughout the day. One very happy lady went away with a beautiful fascinator to wear at the next race meeting.

After three weekends of Norfolk Open Studios Penny's needlefelted creatures and jewellry had a change of scenery. Penny made a wonderful paddock for her juicy coloured sheep to graze in. 

Tracy and Craig of Faded Splendour displayed their stunning vintage clothes and vintage inspired makes. Tracy uses vintage felt and notions to make all her exquisite accessories.

And lastly, Celia, another newcomer to Pick 'n' Mix brought her exceptional prints, cards and notebooks.

We had a fabulous day and all visitors went away thrilled with their purchases. Sally of Daisy Boo's Kitchen ran an excellent cafe with mouthwatering cakes and soup which made it more of an experience for all who came. 

A wonderful comment was overheard early on. Two ladies agreed that "this is most definately not a craft fair, they're real artists in here." Why not come and see for yourself when we set up shop in November for the Christmas Pick 'n' Mix.


  1. Looks like a lovely fair and Holt is such a charming town. I recognise several names from blogs I read, I may have to think of an excuse to visit Holt in November.

  2. What a wonderful fair. Fabulous talent. Thanks for sharing. x

  3. Oh wow! If only this was in my neck of the woods. Fancy setting uo a Bristol based one? You could use my place as a hotel!! xxx